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Baseball in South Bend by John Kovach: a short review

A decent overview of South Bend’s baseball history; pics are good, the research appears to be sound, and some of the stories are quite remarkable. This book does, however, devote a little too much attention to the author’s own baseball career; I have preferred a little more about the Silver Hawks and quite a bit less about the most-recent recent incarnation of the Blue Sox.

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Rick Patterson

So, where are we? We still need to fill in the gap between his playing career and his managerial career (that one will be hard unless I find the information in a South Bend program), and there are a couple one-year gaps where he was likely on some team’s coaching staff (I can usually solve those). The pitching coach stint looks like I miscopied something, which has happened before. Loose ends: Was he working in baseball this summer? Did Patterson really play in the minors for three years; if so, where and when? And I need a couple biographical details: What do those initials stand for? When and where was he born? (I’m betting on Mobile, probably in 1955 or thereabouts.) Finally, we still need won/lost records for the partial season at Greensboro, his collegiate teams, and the winter league stints; that will be some other year’s project, methinks.

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Governor Kernan and the Silver Hawks

Joe Kernan, who became Governor of Indiana when Frank O’Bannon passed away a few weeks ago, is exploring purchasing the South Bend Silver Hawks. This exploration began before Kernan became governor, and is still continuing.

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Lugnuts Notes: Home and Away series against the South Bend Silver Hawks

This series was better, although the results still are pretty poor. Except for one inning, the Saturday game was well-played. Sunday’s was awful, but no one really thinks the team’s that bad. Monday’s win and Tuesday’s loss were excellent games, without serious reservation. In general, the Hawks just outplayed the Nuts; that’s bound to happen sometimes. (I could get to like watching Mario Valdez; that’s real talent.)

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