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Beloit Snappers @ Quad Cities River Bandits, September 3, 2009

We’ve straightened out the pitching situation–Scott McGregor’s magically appeared on the mound. And we’ve released Ingram from his baserunning duties so he can return to QC’s CF. emBut: We’re still lost track of one out. That will haunt us.

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Baseball at Davenport’s John O’Donnell Stadium by Tim Rask: a short review

Tim Rask is an excellent baseball historian, and although the Arcadia format handicaps him, he’s done a fine job of presenting an overview of professional baseball history in the Quad City area. The book’s photographs are well-chosen, too. That Dorothy Wulf spent a lifetime collecting photographs of Davenport based teams proves a valuable resource.

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A False Spring by Pat Jordan: a review

This is a powerful and frustrating memoir of Pat Jordan’s three summers pitching in the low minor leagues, written when the author was in his thirties. At heart, it’s an exploration of why he failed, and that story is pretty brutal: Much of the problem was immaturity; he comes off as a cocky kid, with obvious talent but no ability to put the talent to use. Except for a Winter Instructionals interlude, the path is ever downward, and the ending inevitable.

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Lugnuts Notes: The Quad City (Davenport, Iowa) River Bandits

Perhaps you remember pictures of a flooded ballpark during the 1993 Mississippi River floods; John O’Donnell was that ballpark. The ballpark is directly on the river and everyone says the view from the grandstand is tremendous. This is the league’s favorite ballpark. It’s also the ballpark with the most games postponed due to weather….

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Lugnuts Notes: Series at Home vs. the Quad City River Bandits

I’ve now seen Carlos Febles enough to begin to appreciate what he brings to the game. He’s really very loud–chatters incessantly on the field. He looks to be a fine fielder, for this level. He’s got good baserunning skills, though not enough baserunning smarts. And he gets hit by pitches regularly (a beanball on Monday, which didn’t seem to faze him, though it bounded into the stands over the visitors dugout).

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