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PopFile occasional report

On the whole, this is excellent performance, with some minor (and predictable) blind spots due to peculiarities that are as much mine as the program’s.  Except for the lack of a good loader for Apple systems, I can heartily recommend the program; the installation issues appear to be unique to the Mac platform, and shouldn’t trouble Windows or Linux users.  Prospective users shouldn’t expect perfection, and some effort is required to train PopFile about your mail system.  But it’s automatic, reliable, and quite impressive.

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Living with POPFile

Every now and then a spammer finds a hole in this defense, but after a couple days PF has things sorted out again.  That’s how things should work.

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POPFile on PowerBook

I resisted installing POPfile for several weeks–partly because I wanted to be more familiar with the Mac environment before installing something so far out of the ordinary, and partly because I wanted to give’s junk filter a test.  By January’s end, it was pretty clear that the Junk Mail filter doesn’t work as well as I’d like, and I missed POPfile’s more general mail sorting capabilities.  As I’ve mentioned before, I sort incoming mail into a couple dozen categories.  Teaching POPfile to recognize those categories lets me get by with two dozen rules, rather than a couple hundred.  Much better.

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A Dabbler’s Powerbook: finding my way

When I wasn’t shopping this weekend, I was trying to move past the “what a neat toy” phase with my new laptop. OS X is enough like XP to be familiar, and enough different to be both annoying and fascinating. That’s been covered elsewhere; I’ll likely leave it alone….

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PopFile Revisited: another thousand messages received; a new version installed

All in all, that’s a rather impressive performance. The increasing spam count is also rather impressive; after all, I added this tool to my kit because the junk seemed to be getting out of hand.

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POPfile: sorting the mail

I receive between 50 and 100 e-mails each day, and read about 60% of those (the unread ones are either duplicates or spam). I used to read about 85% of my mail; the change in percentage is largely because of the increasing spam load. (Eudora has a reporting function; these numbers have some relation to reality.) Perhaps 65% of the real mail has baseball content of some sort or other; the rest is on a wide range of topics.

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