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Home Before Morning by Lynda Van Devanter: a short review

A review, but mostly a story, on Flickr.

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Oh, Ned

One morning, after thirteen hours at the DSTE and on the teletypes, we hit the airbase bar for breakfast and a few drinks, only to discover that the club was planning to run the (then) new Ned Kelly movie. So we stayed and watched, as did a handful of Aussies who were stationed in the vicinity.

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As explanations go, that raises more questions than it answers.

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(mis)Measures: a Vietnam story

Truth told, neither the CWO nor my TC cared a lot about the errors, except they looked bad in our reports. Both superiors knew I’d made one error and repeated it fourteen times (the double-count was a reporting artifact). They also knew that it would show as 28 errors on the computerized reports, and (near as any of us could tell) those reports were the main method Saigon used to evaluate CommCenter operations. They issued performance rankings based on those counts….

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