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A Microsoft Home User Program Rant

Beg pardon, folks? Whatever can you be “reviewing” that takes four days? You’re waiting for HR to confirm my existence, perhaps? (Should I call Enrique and push things along?) Or perhaps you’ve sicced the Pinkertons on me? Is this long delay common? Shouldn’t you have warned me about it? You can’t be bothered to send a courtesy email?

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Windows Home Server Users Guide by Andrew Edney: a review

Written well enough, and fairly well organized; perhaps useful to a total novice. I really didn’t find anything useful in here. Not worth the money.

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Joel on Microsoft redux

Bill Gates has a history of betting the company on the next technology generation.  One of these days he’ll lose the bet–or he’ll lose interest in the game–and MS will start looking like Ford.  Or Exxon.  Maybe AT&T.  Perhaps a (large) piece of Planetary Software, LTD.  (You think not?   Happened to Carnegie Steel….)  Dare I mention Western Union?  How about the Pennsylvania Railroad?

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Joel Spolsky, whose blog’s been far too quiet of late, returns with a long piece that’s mostly about what Microsoft is doing wrong with Longhorn.

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