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Meeting Report (second hand)

At this point, we’ve got a pretty good idea how we want things to work out, and Randi has three potential vendors lined up for the project. All three vendors have working relationships with our group, and each is certainly capable of doing the job, but their differing skill sets are likely to impact the project’s shape. Randi and her boss, Mark, have been sorting through the implications of that for the past few weeks. Within the analyst group, Randi’s been bouncing ideas off Alice, and I’ve had a chance to comment on (or snipe at) an occasional memo. She’s about ready to set the proposal to paper, and to officially invite bids.

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(in)Frequent Meetings

Worth a look: Jeanene Sessum , who’s still figuring out what she’s about, finds herself in a client’s conference room, remembers when meetings dominated of her days, compares the experiences, then talks about perspectives. And cookies. Wonderful stuff.

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Vendors: followup meeting

Today’s negotiations were mainly handled by a Jamie, a young programmer who was originally hired for web projects but who’s now working elsewhere. He asked good questions, insisted that folks contribute to the discussion, suggested things we needed to consider, made sure we all actually agreed to the solution, and carefully noted who’d taken responsibility for each specific issue. Although it looked for a time like we’d need to pull in some folks with more clout, things came together and we reached an agreement. Extremely well done.

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Vendors: a sad and unresolved tale

Actually, it was worse than that. During their efforts to develop a satisfactory delivery solution, the IT coders concluded that the architecture of the original design was seriously unstable. We’ve spent the past month or so working that out.

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