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Mac OSX Lion Pocket Guide by Chris Siebold: a short review

Decent, short, helpful; but mainly for beginners. I was often bored.

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The Leopard Ate My FileVault

Fortunately, I backed stuff up before the install, and won’t be much hurt except for the aggravation. Nonetheless, it’s annoying. At this point I’d say it’s unlikely that I’ll turn FV back on when I get the laptop running again. Let’s just say I like the idea better than I like the implementation.

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POPFile on PowerBook

I resisted installing POPfile for several weeks–partly because I wanted to be more familiar with the Mac environment before installing something so far out of the ordinary, and partly because I wanted to give’s junk filter a test.  By January’s end, it was pretty clear that the Junk Mail filter doesn’t work as well as I’d like, and I missed POPfile’s more general mail sorting capabilities.  As I’ve mentioned before, I sort incoming mail into a couple dozen categories.  Teaching POPfile to recognize those categories lets me get by with two dozen rules, rather than a couple hundred.  Much better.

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A Dabbler’s Powerbook: finding my way

When I wasn’t shopping this weekend, I was trying to move past the “what a neat toy” phase with my new laptop. OS X is enough like XP to be familiar, and enough different to be both annoying and fascinating. That’s been covered elsewhere; I’ll likely leave it alone….

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