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The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman: a short review

Silly, but lots of fun. Leaves a surprising number of loose ends unresolved, but that’s probably harmless.

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Basepaths by Jerry Klinkowitz: a short review

A novel about a hilariously tragic week in the life of a minor league baseball team and its manager. The chapter called Openers, which describes the first inning of the Opening Day game, is absolutely priceless, and the funniest tale I’ve read in years. Other chapters are similarly fun.

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Three Men in a Boat (to Say Nothing of the Dog) by Jerome K. Jerome: a short review

Evidence that “modern” isn’t so modern as we think. Among other things. Funny in the same way Bill Bryson’s funny. Of course, not everyone likes Bryson, either.

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Or Else My Lady Keeps the Key by Kage Baker: a short review

Silly little pirate tale. But told with Baker’s usual flair.

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Ump Simon Has a Picnic and Sits Down on the Job (1966)

Tom Simon, veteran showman of the Midwest League’s umpire staff, pulled some new tricks here, August 22.

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The Mac Do Book by Mary Gwen Owen: a short review

Mary Gwen Owen explains manners to Macalester’s freshman class; received shortly before I enrolled in 1967. Dated, I think; absolutely hilarious, not always intentionally. In particular, the word “gay” has (and already had) connotations which the book ignores. Repeatedly.

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The Doonesbury Chronicles by G.B. Trudeau: a short review

Contains my favorite Doonesbury strip ever. Mike & Zonk talking at a party. Zonker asks if Mike remembers “that New Frontier stuff”; Mike launches into Kennedy’s inaugural speech, they both laugh. Then they stop. Z: “God, what’s happened to us?” M: “I dunno, man, I dunno.”


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Explicate Brooklyn

Not that there are no other fish in the ocean upon whom I can sling my hook, but who can be like my dear Betsy that loves me with such generosity of heart?

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