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Flight of the Loons by Midland Daily News: a review

This is a very pretty package, with some very fine photographs, but the text consists of transcribed newspaper articles, none of which are dated. The result is neither thorough nor coherent. The book really could have used some serious editing. For instance, two articles are repeated word-for-word; in both cases they’re just a few pages apart. I really expected better.

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Minor League Franchise Continuity

I was a season ticket holder in Battle Creek. That’s given me no emotional stake in the successor franchise, Great Lakes–and I rooted against the Springfield and Madison predecessor franchises when they actually existed. I’ve now transferred my loyalties mostly to the Lugnuts, and I root against the Loons.

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Bay City?

The Bay City Times is reporting that a minor league team “with a major league affiliation” has approached the city about building a ballpark, probably on the Saginaw River, in time for the 2006 season. By most standards, that has to be treated as a credible rumor. What can we do with this information?

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