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Sparky and Me by Daniel Ewald: a short review

Besides the Life Lessons, the book contains a quite a bit of biographical material, and a surprising amount of information and commentary about Sparky’s managerial methods. Sparky was more a motivator and molder than a tactician, as anyone who followed his teams knows. Ewald witnessed that during Anderson’s Tiger years, and heard many tales about how he worked with the Cincinnati team’s egos.

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The View from the Dugout by Red Rolfe: a review

Two audiences, mostly, will find this book useful and/or interesting: Those interested in the 1949 through 1952 Tigers, and those interested in how baseball’s field managers go about their job. The second group, I fear, will be somewhat frustrated by the editor’s methods.

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McLain’s a talented, funny, apparently intelligent guy.  If he’d gone in for honest work, it seems likely he could have parlayed his baseball fame into a broadcasting career and gotten sufficiently rich to make most folks happy.  Instead, he turned rotten and blights some of Michigan’s favorite memories.

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