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Danville, Ill., Now Claims to Be First to Top ’51 Gate (1952)

League records last season showed the Dans drew 24,775, but when Lyons took over this year, he and a government tax expert checked the figures and found the gate actually was only 14,487 paid. The Dans surpassed that figure on June 8 this season with 15, 979. After 45 games, the total for the current campaign was 55,424–an average of 1,232.

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Baseball in Danville (1976)

Professional baseball today, in modern, comfortable, well-lighted parks, provides any community at any level with measurable and tangible benefits. A city can have few greater community assets.

Baseball is a proven deterrent to juvenile delinquency. It provides clean and wholesome recreation at moderate cost for the entire family. It provides live actors in dramatic combat, and escape from the hum-drum.

There’s also the dollar and cents value of a team to a community. While this is difficult to measure accurately, a team will leave a sizeable amount of money in a city during the five-month season.

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