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Beloit Snappers @ Quad Cities River Bandits, September 3, 2009

We’ve straightened out the pitching situation–Scott McGregor’s magically appeared on the mound. And we’ve released Ingram from his baserunning duties so he can return to QC’s CF. emBut: We’re still lost track of one out. That will haunt us.

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Beloit in Midwest for 1970 (1969)

The team name was going to be the Braves, the 1969 affiliation would be a Tigers-dominated co-op, the 1970 affiliation would be with Cleveland, and owner Mike Kelegian would likely move the team to Rockford for the 1970 season. None of these things happened.

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Luis Martinez

According to Howe SportsData’s 2000 season summary, Martinez was a 183 pound, 6’1″ righty. According to Baseball Reference’s player page for Martinez (and a couple other handy sources), he was (is) a 200 pound, 6’6″ southpaw. Except for those little issues, we’re clearly talking about the same guy.

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Lugnuts Notes: The Beloit Snappers

The pitching resembles Lansing’s. Southpaw Valerio De los Santos is among the league’s leaders in wins (8) and is third in strikeouts (96). Righty Peter Benny has decent stats, but not to get excited about. Tony Pavlovich is being used as a closer, without great success; Darren Berninger, also being used in relief, has had some success with weaker stats. Lefty Jason Dawsey doesn’t seem to have a set role but does show promise; his strikeout pitch is effective.

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Lugnuts Notes: Series at home against Beloit Snappers

[Lansing Manager] Brian Poldberg’s not working in a vacuum, and he’s not the only person making decisions about which players play or how Brian plays them. I presume–I stress that I have no inside information–I presume he’s got instructions to play some players virtually every day, however well or poorly they perform. I presume that the patterns I see in the use of pitchers reflect decisions made in Kansas City more than they reflect game situations; in fact, I hope that’s the case, because some of the other explanations are absurd.

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