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JD by Jamey Newberg: a review

While this work necessarily has some biographical content, it’s largely about how GM Jon Daniels runs the Ranger’s organization–the things he emphasizes, the people he hires, the objectives he sets, the ways he communicates, the methods he uses to collect information, and the reasons behind those practices. Newberg, who’s been writing about the Rangers organization since the late 1990s, clearly knows the material.

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Balls and Strikes by Kenneth Jennings: a short review

The book is essentially descriptive, but has pretensions toward analysis. There’s a lot of good material here. The first three chapters are a history of player/management relations in baseball. The remaining six chapters are topical, and examine such matters as agent behavior, player interactions with field managers, race relations, and salary arbitration. Unfortunately, the presentation is largely anecdotal; even when the author tries for analysis the result is often inconclusive, superficial, or unconvincing. I was, frankly, hoping for more.

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Owning a Piece of the Minors by Jerome Klinkowitz: a short review

Jerry Klinkowitz, who teaches at the University of Northern Iowa, was one of the owners of the Waterloo Diamonds from 1978 until they were sold in 1994. This series of essays explores that experience from a variety of perspectives; he talks about how he got involved with the team, about how he wrote a novel (Short Season) based on his ownership experiences, about his grandstand neighbors, about team officer Mildred Boyenga, and about why the Diamonds failed.

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Diamond Dollars by Vince Gennaro: a review

Worth reading. The book has considerable value, but it’s less than I hoped it would be. Gennaro’s a good analyst, and he’s found some interesting numbers to work with, but the analysis is often hidden from sight. I, personally, would have liked more explicit calculations, more discussion of the analysis, and less explication of his conclusions. YMMV.

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Of Iron Men, and Dubuque Finances

Matching iron man attempts, Bill Bauernfeind of Michigan City and Joe Schaffernoth of Paris opposed each other in both games of a Midwest League double-header, August 21.

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Doug Pappas

Doug PappasDoug Pappas, chair of SABR’s Business of Baseball committee, has passed away.  Doug, a knowledgeable, sardonic, and passionate expert on baseball’s economics, was often quoted in the press on baseball’s business follies.  Commissioner Bud blessed him with a not-particularly-convincing phone call during the contraction controversy.  He was also a fine researcher, and SABR’s expert on players and managers ejected from ballgames.

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