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Northern Michigan Asylum by William A Decker: a review

As with the original volume, this book’s chapters devoted to treatment are surprisingly interesting, and justify the book’s existence. This is clearly material the author’s known and pondered upon for his entire adult life.

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Asylum for the Insane by William Decker: a review

All that said: Worth reading if you’re interested in either the Kalamazoo asylum or the history of mental health treatment in America. There’s lots of interesting material here, despite some issues in its presentation. I’m planning to read Decker’s book about the Traverse City asylum, where he never worked; I expect to learn interesting things.

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Traverse City State Hospital by Chris Miller: a review

Not a real ambitious book–it’s basically a set of pictures of the buildings at the TC hospital–but it accomplishes its limited mission extremely well. Well-selected photographs with relevant captions. And it’s unusually well organized.

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