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A Passing Train

We were getting pictures of the Ken Boothe Sr/Lakes Contender tug/barge pair when we got distracted by this train, and its still painted Grand Trunk locomotive.

One Wet Pony

Doesn’t always snow in mid-December. Two years ago today it rained.


A tug, a barge, and the Point Edward Casino.

Ash Highway

The Amish intention didn’t work out. But I did find some interesting photographs on roads I rarely travel.

Sparrows at the Feeder

“On December’s first day with snow I generally stay home and photograph birds through the window.”

Winter Leaves

I didn’t quite nail the focus on this one, and I mebbe shoulda bumped the aperture to f/8. But gosh I like it.


On Taylor Street in Grand Ledge. Wonderful, aren’t they?

The Upjohn Farm

For many years this field had cattle, who “crossed” Gull Road through a tunnel. We always thought that was neat.

Don’t Fall!

For much of the year you’d see rock climbers….

Fare Well

One year ago today Joan’s co-workers threw her a retirement party.

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