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Self-explanatory, methinks.

Bad Software Project: X-Rite Registrations

This for a fairly inexpensive device with no moving parts that’s unlikely ever to need maintenance. I registered it mainly to turn off a nag screen. All they really needed was my ID information and the device’s SN.

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A Little Rant about My Nook

Until all e-readers can do this, no one should consider this a mature technology. BN and Amazon both manage to track notes, bookmarks, and “last-read” pages for individual books. This is similarly important, and one would think the technical issues are similar. They’re certainly not insurmountable.

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Stop SOPA and PIPA

I’m talking to you, Carl Levin. And you, Debbie Stabenow. Tim Walberg, too.

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Electric Bill

Wish I’d known that before I authorized the repair. I’m guessing we’ll buy our next camper somewhere else.

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Easy on Readers (1939)

Its four symbols and their meaning
V — Verified.
OP — Official propaganda.
A — Seems authentic.
R — Rumor.

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A Microsoft Home User Program Rant

Beg pardon, folks? Whatever can you be “reviewing” that takes four days? You’re waiting for HR to confirm my existence, perhaps? (Should I call Enrique and push things along?) Or perhaps you’ve sicced the Pinkertons on me? Is this long delay common? Shouldn’t you have warned me about it? You can’t be bothered to send a courtesy email?

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It’s a FEATURE, Stupid

There’s no failure, here, and fairly often (including this time) I’ve picked up the package before Amazon gets around to notifying me that the package is “lost.” Folks who use post office boxes for mailing address have deliberately traded one sort of convenience for another. The package was exactly where I expected it to be, and I picked it up with the rest of my mail.

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Flight of the Loons by Midland Daily News: a review

This is a very pretty package, with some very fine photographs, but the text consists of transcribed newspaper articles, none of which are dated. The result is neither thorough nor coherent. The book really could have used some serious editing. For instance, two articles are repeated word-for-word; in both cases they’re just a few pages apart. I really expected better.

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The Leopard Ate My FileVault

Fortunately, I backed stuff up before the install, and won’t be much hurt except for the aggravation. Nonetheless, it’s annoying. At this point I’d say it’s unlikely that I’ll turn FV back on when I get the laptop running again. Let’s just say I like the idea better than I like the implementation.

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Minor League Franchise Continuity

I was a season ticket holder in Battle Creek. That’s given me no emotional stake in the successor franchise, Great Lakes–and I rooted against the Springfield and Madison predecessor franchises when they actually existed. I’ve now transferred my loyalties mostly to the Lugnuts, and I root against the Loons.

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