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Bob Teeter

A short note to honor the passing of a pioneer.

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Doug Pappas

Doug PappasDoug Pappas, chair of SABR’s Business of Baseball committee, has passed away.  Doug, a knowledgeable, sardonic, and passionate expert on baseball’s economics, was often quoted in the press on baseball’s business follies.  Commissioner Bud blessed him with a not-particularly-convincing phone call during the contraction controversy.  He was also a fine researcher, and SABR’s expert on players and managers ejected from ballgames.

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Millie Jeffrey

Millie was a key player in Michigan and national politics before I was born, and remained active pretty much forever.  Her friends and her causes will miss her.  We all owe her for a life well lived.

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You Gotta Believe

The day after we moved her home, the nurse from the hospice called to inquire whether Mom understood how sick she was; her caretakers were convinced she wasn’t showing the proper gravity or something.  I assured Marilyn that Mom was well aware of her prognosis.  Mom, an occasionally witty but never particularly cheerful person, was quite certain that she’d not survive if she let the illness defeat her spirit; she was, by insisting on relentless optimism, fighting on, even in her last days.

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