Bought a 2020 Lugnuts Season Ticket

I’d been thinking about a Lansing season ticket for this year since sometime in December. So I bought one.

Big Lug

Dylan Meyer–the Lugnuts’ season ticket guy–gave me a call yesterday to ask whether I’d be interested to (re)purchase the 20-game package I bought a couple years back. I said no–but I’d be interested in buying a specific seat for the entire season. He checked, it was available, I bought it. So I’ll be sitting there all summer.

Section N, Row 4, Seat 8 was my seat at Oldsmobile Park during the Luggies’ 1996 inaugural season, and again in 2005 during their tenth. (In between I was a Battle Creek fan.) Somehow watching the team’s 25th season from that seat seems appropriate.

I kept sort of a blog during the 1996 season. Think I’ll do it again this year. This is the start.

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  1. joel says:

    As it turned out, the 2020 minor league baseball season didn’t happen–pretty much like everything else….

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