On This Date: Photo taken 12/31/2007

Ten years ago Joan made this pretty cheesecake. It was beautiful, and it was delicious.

I’ve posted this photo before. Today’s version’s darker.

We don’t do anything on December 31. Judging by my photographs, we don’t even leave the village. Most years I photograph birds.

I spent 12/31/2007 playing with my new camera. I took it to the post office, where I photographed falling snow. We watched Joan as she cooked & cleaned up. I set up the tripod and snapped pix of finches. (I also photographed that setup, using my pocket cam.) I photographed cardinals, too. And a nuthatch.

And we ate the cheesecake. You’ve gotta have priorities.

Number of pix taken on various December 31sts: 334
Year of oldest photo: 2007

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 3
  • 2 Stars: 53
  • 3 Stars: 244
  • 4 Stars: 32
  • 5 Stars: 2
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