On This Date: Photo taken 12/25/2014

Wishing Christmas blessings on all my friends and family.

My Christmas pix are mainly photographs of members of our extended families, taken at gatherings in a variety of homes. The bulk of ’em are interesting mainly to those photographed. So today I’m posting a couple fairly generic holiday images.

This photo was taken at the Bennett family Christmas party, held at Sarah’s place in 2014.

May Christmas bring you joy!

Number of pix taken on various December 25ths: 585 [includes four by my father]
Year of oldest photo: 1991 [1954 if you include Dad’s]

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 2
  • 2 Stars: 102
  • 3 Stars: 370
  • 4 Stars: 93
  • 5 Stars: 18

Dad’s pix include the 1954 photo of “the kids” I posted yesterday and three taken in 1959.

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