On This Date: Photo taken 11/27/2012

Near Pleasantview Church on Lacey Road in Barry County; apparently this is a Dowling address.

I’ve posted this photo before, in monochrome as part of my 2012 Outtakes set. The photo invites creative processing, because you’ve got to do something about the pic’s general busy-ness. Last time I just washed everything out; this time I tried to emphasize the colors. I like both versions.

My notes had the location wrong on this photo, something I recognized immediately last night when I was sorting through my 11/27 pix. So this morning’s first task was finding this farmyard.

Five years ago today I took photographs in or near all of these Barry County towns: Prairieville, Delton, Hickory Corners, Pine Lake (not a town), Dowling, and Nashville. (Also the Eaton County towns Vermontville, Mulliken, and Grand Ledge.) I was a busy guy that day. (And that accounting leaves out whatever I did in Kalamazoo that morning.) Anyway, finding this barn’s site required reconstructing the trip, then making an educated guess about the location. I was helped by the fact I took another photo of the farmyard, with more details. I found the farm by comparing overhead photos with the layout features I could see in the other photograph, then verified it with a not-very-helpful Streetview image.

Number of pix taken on various November 27ths: 321
Year of oldest photo: 2005

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 1
  • 2 Stars: 83[!]
  • 3 Stars: 152
  • 4 Stars: 64
  • 5 Stars: 11

Many of the 83 two-star photographs were of an uncooperative subject at the 2014 Thanksgiving party in Schoolcraft. Gage started spinnin’ every time I pointed my camera his direction….

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