Sandhills in the Winter Wheat

Sandhills in the Winter Wheat

On This Date: Photo taken 10/15/2015

With a bit of color in the trees.

You can, of course, see cranes without attending CraneFest. (You just can’t see as many.) I found these a couple miles from my home, out looking for a meal in a field.

Not my best choice of camera/lens for this photo. But I was out looking for color, not Sandhills.

This year’s CraneFest was rained out as the grounds have become unacceptably wet. I’m rather sad about that. But you can watch cranes fly in to Big Marsh Lake for the next four weekends at the Kiwanis Youth Area, near Bellevue (weather permitting, obviously). Follow the link above for more information. They do this every year; like the festival, the viewing opportunities are hosted by both Kiwanis and Audubon’s Baker Sanctuary.

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