Fence, shadowed

Fence, shadowed

On This Date: Photo taken 9/17/2005

Bonley Farm‘s a few miles from our place. The farm evidently has some fame in the trotting community. Can’t say I know much about that stuff.

What I can say is that the farm’s visibly different from any other local farm. It’s not just the horses; the fences have character, much of the place is forested but not wild, and there are shelters all over the property. Occasionally I try to capture aspects of that look with my camera.

Number of pix taken on various September 17ths: 155
Year of oldest photo: 2005

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 5
  • 2 Stars: 51
  • 3 Stars: 85
  • 4 Stars: 14
  • 5 Stars: 0

My brother had made it to Minnesota on this date in 2008; my sister was showing him around. He took 49 pix.

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