On This Date: Photo taken 9/3/1991

After Dad passed away, Mom established a routine of renting a cottage at Jolli-Lodge, where they’d often vacationed. Mom would schedule this vacation for the week before Labor Day, and she’d invite us “kids” up for the holiday weekend. We’d sight-see, do a bit of shopping, and celebrate Debbie’s birthday at Leland’s Bluebird. But mostly we’d relax, perhaps walk the beach, and watch Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands.

After Mom’s death we talked a bit about continuing the tradition, but it never happened….

While our family tends to think of Jolli-Lodge as being at Leland, it’s address is actually Lake Leelanau.

Number of pix taken on various September 3rds: 554
Year of oldest photo: 1991

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 3
  • 2 Stars: 40
  • 3 Stars: 405
  • 4 Stars: 102
  • 5 Stars: 4
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