Sidewalk Construction Kit

Sidewalk Construction Kit

On This Date: Photo taken 8/26/2003

Sometimes the picture tells a story….

We got home from work to discover our supplier had dumped all this stuff on our lawn. We’d rather expected to find it on our (concrete) driveway.

By day’s end we had the pavers all neatly stacked beside the deck. Moving the sand to the driveway took a couple more evenings.

Our house came equipped with a gravel sidewalk. It was nicely curved, and looked good when new, but was built on the cheap–an inch or so of gravel on a plastic barrier. That didn’t wear well. After a summer discussing options we decided to replace it with bricks.

The project took us about a month, working mostly in the evenings around other activities. (It’s likely I’ll share another photograph or two.) Joan did much of the work; I mostly supplied brawn. Such brawn as I have, anyway.

A couple years later we applied these skills to building a similar sidewalk, and then a patio, for Joan’s parents. We did those much more quickly. Of course, we had more help.

Number of pix taken on various August 26ths: 330
Year of oldest photo: 2003

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