St Clair River

St Clair River

On This Date: Photo taken 7/24/2010

On the second day of our little Port Huron vacation we took a tour of the St Clair River on Huron Lady II. The little ferry took us down the river a ways, then into Sarnia’s slip and out on Lake Huron.

A fun trip. We need to do it again.

On 7/24/2013 I took my last photograph with a 28-105 mm lens I’d originally purchased for my Nikon N90s around 2000. The pic was of interesting clouds overhead ’round ’bout East Jordan.

I’d have said I’d given the lens away with my D70, but one day I found it stashed in my desk. So I took a few pix with it to verify that it worked, and sold it on eBay. ‘Twas a decent lens, but didn’t add any value to the lens set I’m still using.

Number of pix taken on various July 24ths: 902 [plus 139 by my brother]
Year of oldest photo: 2003

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 3
  • 2 Stars: 92
  • 3 Stars: 620
  • 4 Stars: 170
  • 5 Stars: 17

Dick’s pix were also taken during this Port Huron trip. Here’s one.

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