Like a Dream

Like a Dream

On This Date: Photo taken 6/23/2005

Saint Ignace has two car shows in late June. The second–the St Ignace Car Show–is the larger event.

We usually try to avoid the big show, but in 2005 it was a pony car event and we couldn’t resist. Had a good time watching the Mustangs and the Camaros. And the Cobras.

We avoid it not because we don’t like the show, but because we’ve grown accustomed to a less-crowded, less noisy St Ignace. “Our” St Ignace is just waking up from winter–they’re still training the summer staff, still repairing the winter’s damage, still shaking out the mothballs.

We’re used to that, and we’ve come to enjoy it.

Number of pix taken on various June 23rds: 1684
Year of oldest photo: 1992 [to repeat myself: only in 1992 did I deliberately date all my film photographs]

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 29
  • 2 Stars: 183
  • 3 Stars: 1162
  • 4 Stars: 264
  • 5 Stars: 46
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