On This Date: Photo taken 6/17/2011

One of the annual events in Saint Ignace is a car show called Antiques on the Bay. Our Saint Ignace weekends often overlap the event. Sometimes we wander among the cars.

I have trouble thinking of any T-Bird as an antique, though.

A car show, a baseball game, ships at the Soo, ships at Marquette, a bluegrass music festival. Some country road pix, too, and some taken at work meetings. Breakfast. A thorough examination of the Chief Wawatam dock before they prettified it, and lots–lots–of photographs of terns. There’s even a Daily Flower Census in the mix. Of course.

June 17th’s the day I’m most likely to take photographs.

Number of pix taken on various June 17ths: 2735
Year of oldest photo: 1992

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 39
  • 2 Stars: 347
  • 3 Stars: 1947
  • 4 Stars: 357
  • 5 Stars: 45
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