Mike and Hamlin Square

Mike and Hamlin Square

On This Date: Photo taken 5/27/2015

I miss Hamlin Square, and Nathan and Cheryl who hosted the shop. I imagine I’ll find another photograph of the place before this project ends. Or two or three.

October, 2013: Mike, who’d recently retired, sent an email to Joe and me proposing that we get together for coffee (“at about 9:00”, I see) the next morning. We agreed, and started a tradition. We get together every couple weeks and chat over coffee and cocoa. Then we usually go out to lunch.

Sometimes Bob joins us.

Quite often we chat about photography, but mostly we just talk. Vacations are a common topic, too.

Hamlin Square Coffee was our “home” for a couple years. It was across the street from City Hall in Eaton Rapids; since we variously come from Jackson, Lansing, Williamston, and Mulliken, we could pretend it was a central location.

When Hamlin Square lost its lease we moved the gathering to Evelyn Bay Coffee in Charlotte, where we currently meet. We’ve had occasional outings to other locations–usually Lansing’s Coffee Jam, an old haunt from when we worked together.

I see I’ve mentioned Hamlin Square once or twice before in this project. Apparently it’s a recurring theme. Told you: I miss it.

Number of pix taken on various May 27ths: 608
Year of oldest photo: 2003

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