The Geese and the Goslings

The Geese and the Goslings

On This Date: Photo taken 5/20/2010

One benefit of working next door to a swamp was that we got to watch baby geese.

Canada Geese are rude, obnoxious, messy neighbors. They’re loud and aggressive, too.

But they’re fun to watch. They parade around the campus, with parents overseeing and protecting the line. Then they camp out on the lawn. Eventually they make their way to the pond, where they swim in little family groups.

Number of pix taken on various May 20ths: 275
Year of oldest photo: 2005

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 2
  • 2 Stars: 35
  • 3 Stars: 163
  • 4 Stars: 66
  • 5 Stars: 9
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