The Vine on the Granary

The Vine on the Granary

On This Date: Photo taken 5/13/2012

We spent Mother’s Day, 2012, at the farm with Joan’s family. This was also the weekend David moved back to Michigan–and the farm–from Louisiana, so ’twas also a bit of a homecoming.

We’d go to the farm and I’d take pix of the granary. It was pretty much an irresistible photo subject. I miss it.

Dave reused most of the lumber when he built the chicken coop, which I now routinely photograph because it, too, is a fine subject. But it’s a different subject, and I photograph it differently.

Notice the pliers, still hanging there, though their orientation’s changed since 2005….

Number of pix taken on various May 13ths: 1632
Year of oldest photo: 2003

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 5
  • 2 Stars: 208
  • 3 Stars: 1265
  • 4 Stars: 141
  • 5 Stars: 13
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