OK. Let’s Point.

OK. Let's Point.

On This Date: Photo taken 4/15/2011.

Pregame conference & lineup exchange at Lansing’s Cooley Law School Stadium. The managers are Lansing’s Mike Redmond (pointing) and Dayton’s Delino DeShields; the umps are Gavin Hanson (home plate; also pointing) and Pat Hoberg. Mike was explaining something about the ballpark and the ground rules.

Most days the lineup exchange is pretty boring. They shake hands all around, trade slips of paper, and chat for a minute or two.

Sometimes, though….

Number of pix taken on various April 15ths: 201
Year of oldest photo: 1992

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 1
  • 2 Stars: 25
  • 3 Stars: 109
  • 4 Stars: 55
  • 5 Stars: 11
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