Cloverdale Lake Reflection

Cloverdale Lake Reflection

On This Date: Photo taken 4/1/2015.

Hope Township Park’s in “downtown” Cloverdale on M-43. The park’s more than a boat launch–there’s a pavilion, and a tiny playground–but it’s not much more than a boat launch. It does have this great view.

Cloverdale looks like a village, but there’s no government–it’s just a place bordering some lakes where a bunch of people settled. A post office and a pair of stores give the place some substance. It’s a pretty location, and in a different life I might have settled there myself.

I’ve passed through Cloverdale hundreds of times while traveling between my mid-Michigan home and my family in Kalamazoo. Usually I just drive by, but every now and then I stop at the park to stretch my legs, to admire the view, to snap a picture or five.

I’ve lived near M-43 (that’s Michigan Highway 43) my entire life–in Kalamazoo, Delton, Lansing’s suburbs, and Mulliken. Since 43’s a block from our house it’s our natural route to and from Kalamazoo.

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