Herb’s Yard

Herb's Yard

On This Date: Photo taken 3/3/2014.

I was less than a week into my Birthday [2014] to Birthday [2015] photo-a-day project and needed a photo, so I walked down the street on a bright day with fresh but melting snow. It’s my neighbor Herb’s yard and shed in the foreground, with Flowerdale Farm beyond.

If you’re shooting daily you’re forever on the lookout for photographs. When something’s scheduled for the day you take along the camera–be it a family outing, a shopping trip, or a doctor’s appointment. Other days you climb in the car and head to the next town, or the nearest college campus. Still others find you looking for a photo in your yard. Or down the street. There’s always something.

Some days you wake with a photo in mind. More often you’ve a notion that you can find a photograph of, say, a barn–or that there’s certainly a photograph out there in the morning’s fog. Sometimes, though, it’s “I’m gonna get one of Herb’s yard.” Fortunately Herb and Marge keep an excellent yard.

I posted a photo of melting snow on 3/3/2014. Had I chosen this pic, I’d have shown it in color; today you get a treatment DxO calls “Cappuccino.”

Number of pix taken on various March 3rds: 89
Year of oldest photo: 2011

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 0
  • 2 Stars: 6
  • 3 Stars: 68
  • 4 Stars: 14
  • 5 Stars: 1
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