The North End of Potter

The North End of Potter

On This Date: Photo taken 2/12/2005.

This was the seventh photograph taken with my Nikon D70 and its 18-70 mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. The view’s much the same today, actually, though the owners have been rebuilding that corner house and improving the landscaping.

And if you turn around to look south down Potter Street from this location you’ll get a view much like yesterday’s On this Date photo.

Perhaps I should mention that my brother’d purchased a Digital Rebel a few weeks before I bought the D70. Yes, I was jealous.

You may have noticed that for the third time in five days I’ve mentioned a new “camera.” This is largely because I tend to buy myself new electronic gear around my birthday. These include my first tablet, my first Android phone (I’d owned Palm smartphones earlier), and my first DSLR. Several lenses, too. The second week of February tends to rearrange my life.

Oh, yes. The first four photographs I took with the D70 were of our cat, Taffy. This, it turns out, is normal. Oreo claims I like Taffy best.

Number of pix taken on various February 12ths: 132
Year of oldest photo: 2005

How I Rated the Date’s Photographs:

  • 1 Star: 1
  • 2 Stars: 39
  • 3 Stars: 78
  • 4 Stars: 15
  • 5 Stars: 0
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