On This Date: Photo taken 1/13/2012.

Five years ago I wandered around the yard taking pictures of the white stuff. ‘Twas the year’s first significant snowfall.

That willow’s gone, now. I often photographed it, and miss it.

This, like most photographs I took in 2012, was conceived as a black and white photo. The framing reflects that; I wanted some contrast in the textures from the nearby arborvitae.

Nonetheless, it was taken in color because my Cybershot doesn’t do monochrome. I’ve discussed this before, and at greater length here. I see no need to repeat myself today, but want to note that I’d have converted the photo had I posted it on that date.

Regardless of the monochrome intention, I think the image works quite well in color.

Number of pix taken on various January 13ths: 87
Year of oldest photo: 2008

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