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Enemies, a Love Story by Josh Schollmeyer: a short review

Nicely done; Schollmeyer’s got a good sense of how to assemble a story from what seem to be interview responses. Not really a history of the show; more a portrait of the relationship, and how that affected the show.

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Bill James Presents The Great American Baseball Stat Book (1988) edited by Don Zminda and Project Scoresheet

This was the first time I saw Brock Hanke’s name in print. The same is true of several of the book’s other contributors: John Benson, Sherri Nichols, Stuart Shea, and Sean Lahman come quickly to mind. (Tom Tippett was there, too, as the project’s programmer.) Just bringing these folks (and Pankin, in the previous edition) into my life is plenty of justification for the effort.

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