Howard V. Millard

Howard Millard, the president of the Midwest League’s predecessor Illinois State League in 1947 and 1948, was sports editor for the Decatur (Illinois) Review (later the Herald and Review) from 1920 through 1958. For his entire tenure in Decatur Millard wrote a column called “Bait for Bugs.” He was good at his job, but covering the Three-I League for The Sporting News didn’t bring him national fame. He was unusually active in Illinois, however, founding and presiding over the Illinois Associated Press Sports Editors Association.

Howard and Buddy Millard

H.V. Millard had a parallel career as a football and basketball official. Millard’s officiating career apparently began before the First World War and ended during the Second. He began by officiating local high school games, eventually becoming a prominent Illinois sports official and overseeing tournament games in neighboring states. By the late 1920s he was working Big Ten games in both sports, an association which he’d continue until he retired from officiating. He also served as president of the Athletic Officials Association of Illinois, another organization he helped create.

In the 1950s Millard would write and publish two editions of a book documenting the history of the Illinois high school basketball tournament. He was eminently qualified to produce this book, since he’d participated–as an athlete, official, or sports writer–in nearly every year’s tournament.

Apparently all this activity wasn’t enough, since Millard occasionally moonlighted as a sports executive. Soon after he arrived in Decatur he handled publicity for George Halas’ Decatur Staleys football club. In 1929 he moved to Dayton, Ohio, to serve as president of the local minor league baseball team. When team failed after the season for reasons unrelated to Millard’s presidency, he returned to his sports editor position in Decatur.

There are references to a stint as president of the Central League, apparently in the 1920s. I’ve been unable to verify this.

Presumably Millard had more time after he stopped refereeing big-school sports. H.V. served as General Manager of the Decatur Commodores baseball club in 1946, helping resurrect the Three-I League after the War. This community service effort lasted only one summer, as he resigned the position in the fall.

Millard’s next project oversaw the birth of a minor league to serve southern Illinois. Late in 1946 he announced the formation of the six-team Illinois State League, with himself as league president and C.C. Hoffman as VP. He served as ISL prexy for two seasons, then surrendered the job to Dutch Hoffman. Millard later served as secretary to the ISL’s successors–the Mississippi-Ohio Valley and Midwest Leagues–from 1954 until his 1958 retirement.

Personal Life

Howard Millard was born in Peoria, Illinois, on August 30, 1891, and was educated in Peoria schools. There’s some evidence that he attended Central College in Pella, Iowa, soon after completing high school, but he received his sheepskin from Illinois Wesleyan in 1917. He reportedly played basketball at both institutions, and captained the Wesleyan basketball team.

Millard apparently served in the military, probably during World War I, though I’ve been unable to find any details. He lived in Moline in 1919, then began his career in journalism at the Peoria Star. The next year he moved to Decatur, where he’d live and work for most of his life.

Millard married Thelma Brannan, of Decatur (a “society girl,” according to a newspaper announcement), on August 6, 1923. The Millards had a son, Harry, who they called Buddy. Buddy, their only child, often accompanied his father on officiating gigs.

Howard Millard retired from his newspaper position on October 1, 1958, at which time he and Thelma moved to California. Millard passed away on October 23, 1961, at the Fresno Veterans Administration hospital, after suffering a heart attack. He was buried in Decatur. The Sporting News published his obituary in the November 1 edition; a week later C.C. Johnson Spink noted Millard’s passing on TSN‘s editorial page. In 1972 he was elected to the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame


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  1. joel says:

    This is the first of a series of profiles I plan to write of the members of the Illinois State League’s leadership team. These gentlemen interest me because the ISL is the direct predecessor of the Midwest League.

    The biography is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate, as Millard’s proven to be fairly easy to research. Nonetheless, there may well be errors and there are certainly some gaps. If you can help, please comment below.

    I’d certainly like to know more about these matters:

    • Exactly when did Millard graduate from high school, and from what school?
    • I’d like to know more about his Central College enrollment. When did he leave, and how did he occupy himself before enrolling at Wesleyan?
    • I’d like to verify Millard’s military service. At this point my best clue is that he died in a VA hospital.
    • Can anyone verify the stint as the president of the Central League?
    • I’d love to assign specific dates to his Dayton sojourn.
    • It’s difficult to reconcile the date of his marriage with the information beneath the photograph.
    • Millard was involved in some effort to create an Illinois Sports Hall of Fame. Is this the same Hall he was inducted into? Do we know more about his efforts?
    • I suspect Millard’s post-retirement move was to Modesto, and that Buddy was already living there. Can that be verified?

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Mark W. Sorensen says:


    I have info about Howard Millard if you are interested.
    Mark Sorensen, Decatur, IL

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