1973 Baseball Research Journal: a review

This second BRJ edition had more substance than the first, right from the first article where David Voigt put the 1972 baseball strike into historical context. John Tattersall’s offering discussed leadoff homeruns, and Fred Lieb presented a fine portrait of Hall of Fame historian Ernie Lanigan.

A few articles, of course, really show that SABR’s long-term strengths were present from the beginning: WF Gustafson’s piece about “Locating the Old-Time Players” presented the research issues–and the most useful materials–very well. Alvin Peterjohn wrote a nice piece about Akron baseball around 1880, and Ted Patterson’s fine portrait of Bobo Holloman’s short big-league career is worth the price of admission.

A bit more: There was a membership survey report about the best fielders through big-league history, Pete Palmer discussed OBA, and Bob McConnell’s nice piece on switch hitters was good.

All in all, a fine effort.

This review is also posted on LibraryThing.

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