A Microsoft Home User Program Rant

Last Friday, during my lunch break, I purchased (or thought I did, anyway) a copy of Office 2007 through my employer’s link to Microsoft’s Home User Program, which seems to be run by Digital River. The routine was: Follow the link from our intranet to the HUP website, where they requested my work email address. They sent an email to the work address, with a link to another page where the actual offer was available. I filled in a short form to make the purchase. Then I waited for a confirmation at the home email address they’d requested I provide.

I took the link/email/link sequence to be a validation that I work at a place where they’ve made an HUP agreement. That may have been an optimistic assumption.

I’ve still not received that confirmation email. After some hunting on the HUP website, I found this message:

We are sorry, but we are unable to complete your request.
The following problem(s) exist:
Your order is currently in a review status

Beg pardon, folks? Whatever can you be “reviewing” that takes four days? You’re waiting for HR to confirm my existence, perhaps? (Should I call Enrique and push things along?) Or perhaps you’ve sicced the Pinkertons on me? Is this long delay common? Shouldn’t you have warned me about it? You can’t be bothered to send a courtesy email?

How about you give my money back?

Wednesday, May 5: Still waiting. They must be digging hard….