Command by Julian Stockwin: a review

Thomas Kydd’s given command of a brig-sloop in the Med. He escorts a convoy, carries dispatches from place to place, and has a couple encounters with a French corsair.

Then the war ends, and sets our hero’s plans askew.

Kydd snags a civilian command, carrying prisoners to Botany Bay–and Renzi, who’s a passenger gone to be a colonist. Things don’t work out well for Nicholas. Tom suggests he write an “ethnical” book, and says he’s welcome to travel as Kydd’s secretary in the future.

A fine addition to this series, despite the lack of major naval action, as both major characters face major collapses of morale (Renzi actually has two crises, despite not appearing in this story until mid-book). It’s starting to look like they’ll find a way to continue their relationship, despite their changes in fortune.

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