The Writing Life by CJ Cherryh: a review

Closed Circle’s first e-book, offered as a test download for the store mechanism. This is an excerpt from Cherryh’s online journal/blog, covering about half a year beginning in late 2003. She was finishing up Destroyer, then beginning another project. The journal is still on-line; this is basically a reformat (and I, for one, consider it more readable, as I never much liked the original format).

The author’s intention was to document her daily activities (routine would be pretty misleading), showing what the life of a professional writer looks and feels like. The first few entries are pretty sketchy; thereafter it’s a fairly traditional blog except that there really is a lot of emphasis on the discipline required to make a living by writing.

Worth reading if you’re interested in Cherryh, or writing. But nothing really special.

This review was originally published on a dabbler’s journal.

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