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Joan bought me a Sony Touch for Christmas. This is an ideological choice–basically, I believe we need competition in this market. I plan to pass along some notes about the Reader in the future (Joan’s got a Kindle, so I can do comparisons), but today let’s discuss the Sony eBook Store.

Down the page you’ll find a list of the books which were on my Amazon Wish List when I started this little project. A short summary of the information:

  • 64 books.
  • 62 are currently available as new paper books on Amazon (one of the other two is out of print; the other’s not yet published.)
  • 19 of those books are available for purchase in the Kindle store.
    • All but one of the 19 are cheaper than the paper version (the exception has the same price for both media).
  • 12 of those books are available for purchase in the Sony store.
    • Two are cheaper than the paper version. (In both cases, they match the Kindle price.)
  • Two were available for free from Google Books, so the Wish List has since changed.

Both eBook stores have serious deficiencies. The selection is just plain unsatisfactory if you’re serious about books. But Sony seems not to understand basic pricing strategies. It’s a good thing I didn’t expect to make much use of their store. I’ll mostly be finding my reading material elsewhere, something I knew before I asked for the Reader.

As long as I’m discussing Wish Lists: Sony’s store lets me create one, but doesn’t seem to have a method for sharing it. Again, I think they’ve completely missed the point.

Here’s the list (sorted newest to oldest–Bicycling Science has been on the list for over four years). Feel free to reach your own conclusions.

Title Author





What Distant Deeps

David Drake


not yet published

The Miracle has Landed

Matthew Silverman



Asylum for the Insane

William Decker



Beating Around the Bushes

Tim Sommer



Report from Engine Co. 82

Dennis Smith




The Past has Another Pattern

George Ball



A Soldier Reports

William Westmoreland


Amazon has it used

America’s Longest War

George Herring



History of the Express Companies

A.L. Stimson



free from Google Books


Warren Kozak





The Cherryh Odyssey

Edward Carmien



His Majesty’s Ship

Alaric Bond



Inventing Wyatt Earp

Allen Barra



A Handbook of Statistical Analysis Using R

Brian Everitt



Sony has his Stata book

Three Men in a Boat

John Jerome




free from Google Books

Society for American Baseball Research

Turner Publishing/SABR



Names on the Land

George Stewart



Lost for Words

Lynda Mugglesworth



The Jacksonian Economy

Peter Temin



Andrew Jackson and the Bank War

Robert Remini



The Rise of American Democracy

Sean Wilentz



Chants Democratic

Sean Wilentz



Andrew Jackson

Sean Wilentz





What Hath God Wrought

Daniel Walker Howe





Shop Class as Soulcraft

Matthew Crawford





Slayer Slang

Michael Adams



The Plot Against Pepys

James Long



Metropolitan Government and Governance

G Ross Stephens



The View from the Masthead

Hester Blum



As They See ‘Em

Bruce Weber





CJ Cherryh



Elsewhere, USA

Dalton Conley




The Fielding Bible

John Dewan



Bill James Gold Mine 2009

Bill James



Dock Ellis in the Country of Baseball

Dock Ellis



High and Inside

Lou Gorman



John Evelyn

Gillian Darley



The Mythical Man-Month

Frederick Brooks




Authority and Disorder in Victorian Times

Paul Thomas



The Almanac of American Politics 2008

Michael Barone



nor do they have the other editions

Citizens of the World

David Hancock



The Shaping of America vol 3

DW Meinig



Home Before Morning

Linda Van Devanter



A History of Money and Banking in the United States

Murray Rothbard



Capital Ideas Evolving

Peter Bernstein





Dealers of Lightning

Michael Hiltzik





Been Down So Long it Looks Like Up to Me

Richard Farina



Behind-the-Scenes Baseball

Doug Decatur



Managing Humans

Michael Lopp



The Blighted Cliffs

Edwin Thomas



Sails on the Horizon

Jay Worrell





Revolution in the Head

Ian MacDonald



Beautiful Code

Greg Wilson




The Making of Victorian Values

Ben Wilson





Terwilliger Bunts One

Wayne Terwilliger



Merriam-Webster’s Concise Dictionary of English Usage




The Rider

Tim Krabbe





The Yellow Jersey

Ralph Hurne



Not a Suicide Pact

Richard Posner




The Places in Between

Rory Stewart





Thinking for a Living

Thomas Davenport




Management by Baseball

Jeff Angus






David Pietrusza



Bicycling Science

David Gordon Wilson



The table from Open Office Calc–which generates HTML that’s as ugly as Excel’s. I ran it through Tidy to clean things up a bit.

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