Have You Ever Had the Urge? (1968)

A photo caption from the Waterloo Courier dated June 10, 1968, on page 13, titled as above:

Layton Stump, manager of the John Deere Employees Credit Union, left, realizes an urge often felt by baseball fans and slams a cream pie into the face of Umpire Bill Deegan before the start of Saturday night’s Midwest League baseball game at Waterloo Stadium. Some 4,000 fans watched, slightly stunned, as Stump interrupted what appeared to be a roaring argument between Deegan and managers Jack Krol of Cedar Rapids and Rac Slider of Waterloo with a pie. They quickly realized, however, that it was a pre-arranged gag and they applauded the umpire as attendants wiped pie off his face and shirt so the game could be officially started. Cedar Rapids won it 5-4, the key blow a three-run homer by Wayne Boltinghouse with one out in the first of the ninth. Waterloo went into the ninth with a 4-1 lead.

I just couldn’t resist this one. William Edward John Deegan, who’s apparently a good sport, would umpire in the American League for about a decade, with subsequent short stints from time to time as a replacement during union actions.

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