Double Iron Man Stunt (1952)

From the Alton (Illinois) Evening Telegraph for August 13, 1952:

Centralia, Ill. (AP)–Two “Iron Men” pitched against each other in a Mississippi-Ohio Valley baseball league July 4th double-header.

Harvey Noland of Canton and Pete Naranjo [of Decatur] pitched both games for their respective sides. Noland won the first game, 2-1. Naranjo copped the nightcap, 3-0.

This article appeared in newspapers around the country, word-for-word–none mentioned Naranjo’s team–over the course of about a month. Interesting enough to use as a filler, I guess; not interesting enough to be timely.

I searched for, but could not find, a local account. I’d really like to see the box scores.

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