Umpire Huddle Leads to Protest (1962)

Found in the 7/21/1962 issue of The Sporting News, while looking for something else:

Here’s a new one in the line of protests. In the game between Burlington and Dubuque (Midwest), July 8, Walt Novick, Packers’ manager and Umpire Dick Williams were conferring outside first base. Plate Umpire Keith Harris did not notice the conversation and neither did Burlington Batter Bill Kuklenski. Kuklenski grounded to Ron Henderson at second base, but the infielder couldn’t make a throw because First Baseman Bob Iglesias was watching Novick and Williams. As a result, Kuklenski was called back to bat again. However, Jim Adlam, Burlington manager, claimed the batter should have been given first base, and when he was overruled, filed the protest. Dubuque won, 6 to 5.

The odd capitalization was in the original.

Also on page 42 of TSN that week:

  • Quad Cities drew 12,095 overflow-ground-rules fans for a game on an unspecified date.
  • Denny McLain struck out 16 batters for Harlan (Appy) in his second start of the season; his first had been a no-hitter. No dates were listed for either game. They misspelled his last name.
  • At their mid-season meeting the Alabama-Florida League discussed permitting Negro players to appear on the field. It seems they’d received an ultimatum from the major league farm directors. No decision was reached, though the Florida-based clubs were willing to integrate.

Much of the page was devoted to part of a long story featuring Flint Rhem, a colorful (hard-drinking) guy who played major league ball in the twenties and thirties, mostly with the Cards. Since I was (unsuccessfully) searching for information about 1962 MWL umpire Edward Rhem, that’s how I stumbled on the page.

TSN is now available via I’m so pleased to have it back.

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