M-O Winner May Play Kitty Loop Champion (1949)

From the Mattoon Journal-Gazette for July 12, 1949; page 5:

Paducah, Ky. –(AP)– Officials of the Mississippi-Ohio Valley baseball league have decided to challenge the Kitty league to post-season series.

The action was taken yesterday on motion of Pete Mondino, owner of the league’s West Frankfort, Ill., club.

“I’m tired of having people send me newspaper clippings telling me that the Kitty is better than the Valley,” Mondino told the league meeting. “If they’re good, let them prove it.”

The group approved sending its Shaughnessy playoff winner in a September series to be arranged by the two leagues.

Shirley Peace, Kitty league president, told newsmen that if the challenge is received his league will consider it.

Dunno what became of the challenge. The game was not played, though.

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