Link-less (1964)

Cedar Rapids Raiders outfielder Lincoln Curtis hit 28 homers to lead the MWL in 1963. He was scheduled to start in right field for the North team in the 1964 Midwest League All-Star Game at Quad Cities. Link missed the game. Here’s his story, as reported by John Berry in the CR Gazette on June 29, 1964:

Curtis, when reached at home by phone about 7 p.m.–half an hour before the game was to start–related the following excuse:

“We were supposed to be at the (C.R.) ball park at 4 o’clock to leave for Davenport. Jack Hutchinson (Raiders’ first baseman) and I went for a ride in Jack’s car. We were driving around Lake Macbride and ran out of gas. By the time we got back they had already left.”

When asked why Hutchinson didn’t drive him down after they gassed up, Curtis said, “He had a date for Sunday night.”

Methinks Mr. Berry warn’t buyin’ it.

Dubuque’s Joe Taormina started in Link’s place, and went 1 for 3. The North lost, 6-3.

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    Hi Joel,
    I am writing a blog post in which I mention fond memories of watching baseball games at Fitzgerald Field under the bridge in GL, and I would love to use one of your photos to illustrate. Of course, I would give you credit and link to your flickr site. Would this be OK? Please let me know ASAP.
    -Jen Eyer
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