A Private Revenge by Richard Woodman: a review

It’s difficult to write about this novel without giving away key story elements.

Morris, now rich and living in the orient, unexpectedly returns to Drinkwater’s life (or vice versa) and turns everything foul, as is his practice. He’s become a far more interesting character since our last encounter, but he still schemes, still manipulates our protagonist, and still underestimates his foe’s sheer dogged persistence. In the end, Drinkwater triumphs, but victory’s price is very high.

There are some fascinating side stories, here, too, that might have been more thoroughly explored had Mr. Morris not come on the scene. Woodman’s usual mastery of the historical material is generally evident, though I’d really like to know sources for some of the detail.

Not the place to start reading the Drinkwater novels, but a well-told story.

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