Specs (~1946)

Since my Sporting News access vanished with Paper of Record, I’m looking for information in other places. This from Raymond Cady’s Umpire Card, on Retrosheet‘s website:

(First Umpire to wear glasses on field in O.B. [Organized Ball])

Ray Cady has no Midwest League connection; I just stumbled across his card while researching something else. He worked in the low minors–Pioneer League, Sunset League, Texas-Arizona League–just after World War II.

The Umpire Cards–really they were repurposed Player Cards–were maintained by The Sporting News from around 1910 to about 1985. All the umpire cards are available on Retrosheet; the TSN player cards are not available anywhere.

For now I’m resisting ranting about Paper of Record’s disappearance. But I miss it.

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